I’m not going to write an epic report on this one because believe when I say many before me already have.

I was slow. I was lazy. But last Saturday, I eventually got my hands on the Meatwagon cheese burger (recommended as the first burger I shalt try) and mother of all big flat meatballs, it was bloody delicious.

So delicious in fact that Panu dubbed it “better than Byron”, and we all know what he thinks of Byron!

The Meatwagon
check out their website for locations
I found them at the Towpath food festival at City Road Basin

14 Thoughts on “bite sized: the Meatwagon burger @ Towpath 3

  1. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on November 12, 2010 at 9:54 am said:

    That looks like my burgers!!! Only, their cheese isn’t melted. For me, the perfect
    burger is nearly raw in the middle and crusty dark outside (achieved by pouring
    a couple of splashes of Worcestershire over the burgers while frying). Chopped
    onions mixed into the meat before forming the patties. Before putting them into
    medium-high hot frying pan, sprinkle with garlic salt, salt, and lots of cracked
    black pepper. No eggs, no bread crumbs. Use 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil in pan for
    frying. Don’t use cheap buns that fall apart and crumble, and use only the freshest
    tomato and lettuce. I like iceberg lettuce.

  2. And I hear you didn’t have to queue, right? Jealous! The whole 2 hour queue thing with burgers running out is the main thing that puts me off – but the burger is damn good.

  3. Oh my god, two things I’ve wanted to try for ages, meatwagon and towpath both in the same place! When’s he coming to E17?!

  4. Linda: wow you sound like you make an awesome burger too! Bring it here!!

    Greedy Diva: That’s right! First in line FTW!! And the burgers took about 5 minutes cooking but that’s 5 minutes I’m willing to wait for 🙂

    Sarah: Towpath was cool too – there were about 6 other stores all selling other yummy things 🙂 Keep an eye on the Meatwagon blog or follow them on twitter to see if they hit up your area 😉

  5. I’ve got burgers on the brain today too! 😛 That looks delicious!

  6. omg, i need this.

  7. OMG that looks amazing…

    I keep reading about this meat wagon lol so need to get to London and find it!

  8. Yum. I need to try this! Seriously need to get a bit less lazy at venturing further for good food. Fingers crossed they come back to Islington again!

  9. Wow that burger is almost obscene. I usually have a burger fix once a week but I think that would hold you for nearly a month.

  10. big flat meatballs?! HAHA. so true. Man, this does look good. I miss having burgers with you girls. I need me some of this…

  11. Recently all I’ve wanted are burgers (cravings much?) and I’m SO annoyed that I missed the Meat Wagon this time around because I’ve heard it’s amazing and wonderful and a totally mouth orgasmic moment.

    Next time…

    Jax x

  12. Lorraine: It’s seriously one of the best burgers I’ve had. Where is good for burgers in Sydney?? I’m gonna have to find out soon.

    Ying: you do. I hope you get your burger fix.

    Matthew: They move around so you have to follow their website or twitter to find out where they are 🙂

    Su-yin: Yeah when they come to Islington again I’m definitely going so I’ll let you know!

    mealsinheels: Almost does but actually makes me crave more!

    diva: a patty aint nuthing but a big flat meatball 🙂

    Jackie: there is always a next time 😉

  13. Good god, that burger looks ridiculously delicious. Look at those juicy grinds of meat. Must add to the checklist, next time I’m in that part of the world.

    • you MUST it’s so delicious. Only annoying thing is the Meatwagon doesn’t stay still! Gotta check out their website to see where they’re popping up next.

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