I started doing this post the way I start all of my posts. I flick through my photos and after wiping a sufficient amount of drool off my keyboard, I get my creative juices flowing and smack them into some sort of an aesthetic collage, “kook” them a little, “vignette” the sides and supposedly, on the other end of this process, I am presented with a unique piece of eathography.

But not this time.

Because remember, Ted, the miniature gerbil in charge of the Creativity Dept in my head was accidentally made redundant not so long ago.

So anyway I put my “main photo” collage together all by myself, and was rather chuffed until waaaait-a-minute-dejavu-hello. Have I not seen that photo before? I think I have…

… I think it looked like this:

Woah. This here is the photo for my Byron Gloucester Road post. Wow. Creativity is really at an all time low. I seriously need Ted back.

Anyway, Byron Burger, Soho. Opened in November and it has taken me this long to get my butt down there, my sincerest apologies to all of the no-one who really cares.

But here I am, nestled amongst the don’t-give-a-fuck trendiness that is so very Soho, under a lampshade that is a little bit too spidery for arachnophobic me, beside a Christmas tree sticker which if you look really closely, you’ll notice is topped with a little cow.

This is Byron being cool, without being cool.

The order was s.i.m.p.l.e. this time ~ a Byron burger (dry cure bacon, mature cheddar, Byron sauce) for Panu, and a gruyère cheeseburger for me. Oh and my quintessential A&W root beer float.

I dig Byron‘s burgers. It’s a bit hard to explain but the best way to describe it is that it tastes like a good clean burger. I still love Ultimate Burger’s BBQ beef burger, the generous dollop of BBQ sauce and sweet onion relish oozing between my fingers and lips, but this is completely different. After consuming a whole burger, one (namely me) doesn’t feel heavy or sickeningly full.

I was also particularly impressed with the meat this time, something which I didn’t notice last time, but the patties were cooked a perfect medium, if a little on the rare side. Slightly pink-ish, deliciously juicy. In fact I pointed it out to Panu a few times like “do you see this meat? Do you see how good it’s cooked?!” til he swatted me away. Quite literally.

So Byron Burger gains another two thumbs up from me. But check this out, Panu, who claimed LA’s Umami Burger was the best burger he’d ever had, pits Byron up against Umami and the verdict? As told on twitterverse…

“Byron is numero uno in Londontown”

Now I just have to try that Hawksmoor burger everyone’s talking about…

Byron Hamburger
97-99 Wardour Street
Soho, W1F 0UD
0207297 9390

Byron on Urbanspoon

14 Thoughts on “so I finally dragged my butt down to Byron Soho

  1. I’m gonna be a bit controversial here as I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about Byron’s burgers. They’re OK but they’re nothing special.

  2. Kang introduced me to Byron Burgers and boy was that burger the bomb! Wish there was one in Brighton!

  3. Beth keeps telling me about her amazing burger experience and I must try them soon!

  4. Mr Noodles: fair call, I love a little bit of controversy 🙂 What’s your fave burger joint in London? I’m a bit of a burger fiend, would love to also check that out 🙂

    beth: Yes! I remember Kang told me he’d taken you there.. you can always petition them to open in Brighton 😉

    Mowie: LOL i was going to say I’d take you there but we already have our baked eggs date, dim sum date and Thai date lined up 😉 xx

  5. Having finally tried the Hawksmoor, I need to get me down to Byron!

  6. catty i love how you’re like this gastro extraordinaire and get to eat at all these amazing places every day!!! i’m tres jealous 🙂 the burger looks awesome. x

  7. I also love burgers which is probably why I’m a bit sniffy about burger joints in London. I prefer GBK to Byron but it isn’t as good as it was. I’ve not tried Hache yet and nor have I had the Hawksmoor burger. To be honest, I’m a man that likes a good pub burger – one that’s not been dicked around with too much – cheese and perhaps bacon is all you really need on top. Where? Well I plan to revisit my old fave soon but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to see it on my blog to find out where!

  8. Kavey: Yes you definitely should – it’s worth it 🙂

    diva: LOL “gastro extraordinaire”? Honey, we’re talking about burgers!

    Mr Noodles: That’s odd that you like a good pub burger but you like GBK? GBK don’t make traditional burgers, they fancy it up, and I’m not really into that. But anyhoos, am really looking forward to seeing what your favourite place is 🙂

  9. Their courgette fries! So good. When in need of a burger I go to Byron as I do think they’re the best option. Don’t get me started on GBK – blargh.

  10. Glad you liked it after the wait! The shakes are good too! Dangerously close to home for me…. Could be the season for elastic waisted jeans.

  11. Lizzie: oooh I LOVE the courgette fries. Had that at the Gloucester Rd store… and yes blargh to GBK.

    Greedy Diva: I can never order the shake. You know why? Because I HAVE TO order the A&W root beer float. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  12. Byron is the best in London that I’ve had. But Brits just don’t seem to be able to make a good burger. My Byron Soho post goes live on Wednesday!

  13. Mark: I’m looking forward to my In’n’Out Burger in LA 🙂

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