Update 18 June 2014: toptable Spotlight is now OpenTable Restaurant Offers.

So we all know that Groupon is taking the world by storm. They came, they grew, they rejected Google’s $6 billion offer and they just keep gaining users. Why? Because don’t deny it, you are just as “kiasu” as me. I mean, it’s life, right? We all want something for nothing and if we can’t get it for nothing, we just want it for less than what everyone else is paying for it.

Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Anyway, if you’re sick of seeing Groupon’s offers for laser hair removal and what not and Just Want To Eat, check out toptable’s new little project Spotlight. Basically every Wednesday, one (or more) new deal(s) pop up on Spotlight, and you can choose to purchase the deal. If enough people purchase, the deal is on and you get sent your voucher. So simple and oh so awesome.

Take for example the recent deal for Le Café Anglais, a restaurant which I loved last time, though I thought it was a little pricey. At £20 for a £40 voucher (yes I did the math, it totally works out in my favour), I jumped at the chance to go back. Even if it was just for the glorified fish and chips.

kipper pâté with a soft boiled egg

crab linguine

fried haddock with tartare sauce

Panu and I both had fish and chips. Because we’re original like that.

The food at Le Café Anglais was spot on again and I finished my meal in the most restrained way possible (for me, anyway, I still had to have a dessert). One, just one little scoop of refreshing pineapple sorbet. YUM.

pineapple sorbet

Anyway, check out Spotlight. You don’t wanna lose out 😉

Le Café Anglais
8 Porchester Gardens
Bayswater, W2 4DB
0207 221 1415

Le Cafe Anglais on Urbanspoon

17 Thoughts on “toptable Spotlight: the Groupon for FOOD!

  1. hey this is really cool! thanks for letting us know, catty! it’s good to save money where I can.. so I can spend and eat out more 🙂

  2. I have seen some of these offers on the internet for Australian places but I haven’t yet taken up the dining offers yet. But the beauty ones oh yes oh yes! 😀

  3. Todays is Mews of Mayfair. I love that all these places are embracing the clientele’s inner cheapness!

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  5. I haven’t yet read the fine print but do you need to book in advance when using these vouchers?

    • There’s no specific need to book, treat it as a usual restaurant visit (if you’d normally book then do so) and at payment, hand over the voucher. They aren’t limited to a number of Spotlight bookings per day, if that’s what you’re asking 🙂

  6. I giggled when I saw Lorraine’s comment – all the vouchers I’ve bought so far have to do with beauty (massages, facials, haircuts), and shockingly none to do with food… yet! Maybe I’m *not* that food obsessed after all. Maybe.

  7. jenny: I know right? why pay full price when you don’t have to! 😀

    Lorraine: hehe, secretly I look out for the Groupon beauty treats too, but I figure food is also great because I’d otherwise pay 100% of the cost!

    Koreen: I know right? Our cheapness is REAL so they may as well embrace it 😉

    Su-yin: Sure sure, let’s see how long this lasts 😉

  8. So, I have one of those vouchers too, but I imagine you would still spend a fair bit at Cafe Anglais (in addition to the £20 you pay for the voucher). How much did you end up spending?

  9. Oh, good spot Catty – i’m checking that out RIGHT NOW.

  10. Thanks for enlightening us! I was wondering how that all worked. So have you ever tried Groupon for a restaurant?

    • I have bought a couple – the ones I’ve bought though limit the number of Groupon vouchers that can be used at their venues and booking is essential so annoyingly, sometimes when you call to book, they will tell you they’ve reached the max number of voucher reservations for that day and you can’t go (with the voucher). Anyway, when it does work though, it’s good value!

  11. I love Groupon and agree it is about time someone invented a version for food!

  12. chooken on January 29, 2011 at 7:11 am said:

    if you love groupon wait till you come back…

  13. Yey – thanks! Can’t wait to try this out, I could definitely do with some nice cheapo food!

  14. Been able to buy some food vouchers and I can say that it saves me a lot, and yet I get to eat the food I crave! Good to hear that a lot of daily deals are offering restaurant and food deals.

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