Now, I know that my mum and my boss and whoever else reads my blog (hi guys!) so excuse me for having to say this but a Shake Shack burger? It’s like… an orgasm in my mouth. Not that that should’ve come as a surprise because Every. Single. Person. who’s had a Shake Shack burger had already warned me about that, but you know how sometimes you just don’t know it yourself until you know it yourself? Right.

Anyway, we touched down in NYC at about 3pm yesterday and after checking in to our hotel, which by the way is so crazy amazing it’s gonna get a post all to itself but just check out the shower!


Ok, anyway, it’s 6pm and we’re at Shake Shack for dinner. It’s our first time so we get the regular stuff – a single Shake Shack burger, a double Shake Shack burger, fries and a couple of concrete shakes. Ooooooh baby.

Shake Shack Midtown West

Very groovy table branding

Double Shake Shack burger

Concrete Shakes – Great White Way and Jelly’s Last Donut

Crinkle cut fries


The burger is DELICIOUS. Meaty, juicy, cheesy and just every kind of perfect. The closest thing I can think of from London would’ve been that Meatwagon burger. As for the concrete shakes, everyone raved on about them and I mean, I should’ve expected them to be concrete but seriously, I didn’t rate them all that much. Gives you an aneurysm trying to suck the thing up your straw (so I used my straw to shovel it into my mouth instead) and overall just too sweet.

Oh, and we went to the Midtown West branch because it’s closer to our hotel but never fear, there are plans afoot to also hit up Madison Square Park in the next four days 😉

Shake Shack
691 8th Ave (corner 44th Street)
Midtown West, NY, 10036
646 435 0135

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21 Thoughts on “5 minutes into NYC and I’m at Shake Shack!

  1. Welcome to New York. Glad you finally made it to the long awaited Shake Shack. My crystal ball says you will dine at Momofuku Ssam Bar and sweeten it up at Milk Bar tonight with a crazy wabbit.

  2. Oh my mouth is watering so badly at the sight of those burgers! If there is anything better in life than a really good burger, I am yet to find it and those look seriously good.

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  4. I am so TOTALLY jealous. We went to the Madison Square Park Shake Shack and sat in the snow eating our buger and we didn’t even care about the snow, it was THAT good. We didn’t have a concrete as it was so cold and the flavours they had on offer didn’t appeal – but I can recommend the milk shakes!
    Hope you have a fabulous time in NY – that shower looks amazing! We stayed in a rather less fancy place in the East Village – mainly cuz it was near all the good dive bars and food places we wanted to go to! Oh and it was cheap and had a house dog 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to try their burgers next month!! Wheee. 😀

  6. I loved Shake shack. One of the best burgers we had in NYC. Yuo have to also go to the Burger Joint in Le Meridien Hotel. Awesome.

  7. This is express blogging! It takes me at least a week to get posts up from my travels!

    The burgers look amazing but those drinks look like a bad McFlurry. Have a good time on your hols and of course you must hit up some noodles.

  8. joe rundle on February 7, 2011 at 7:32 am said:

    i am going to nyc on wednesday, i cannot wait !!

  9. can you/someone/anyone out there get them to open up some branches in London?

    That is one kick-ass shower. Enjoy! 😉

  10. Wish I lived in New York or at least would go there any time soon… These burgers look so good! They alone might be worth the journey.

  11. Oh my- the memories that are coming flooding back! You should hit up The Stand for their toasted marshmallow shakes. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Can’t wait to hear about the Momofuku action…

  12. Glad you liked it. I actually did like the one shake I had there…peanut butter malt if I remember correctly. Curious to see what you make of Five Guys if you make it there. See you fairly soon! 🙂

  13. Do you think if all of us over here in London were really really good (like that’ll ever happen)for a whole year, then we too could have a shake shack for Xmas?

    That looks like fine example of good US burgerhood. I’m not envious. No way. Great start to your trip you lucky lucky thing.

  14. Ooh, do try the burger at the Burger Joint at le Parker Meridien. WOuld love to hear which you think is better.

  15. Wow – nice shower! Can’t wait for that hotel post =) miss you! so jealous x

  16. OMG! Dat a biiig burger. Now why can’t I get burgers like that in Melbourne. Give it a few years though, I’m sure we’ll catch on.

  17. Mzungu & Koreen: Le Meridien was on our list but I don’t think we’ll make it now as we’re leaving tomorrow!! Sad!!

    Laissez Fare: Ahhhh Five Guys. We did get there today – not bad for a burger take-out joint but it has nothing on Shake Shack! 🙂

    joe rundle: Have you had your Shake Shack yet???

  18. Oh my!!! I haven’t seen the special shakes for the Times Sq location. Ok, so I relent. MUST GO!

  19. Glad you made it there! 🙂

  20. Lol. I had to comment after reading your into. A good burger is like an orgasm in my mouth too, except I am always afraid to write that since my parents read my blog! hehe. This place is on my list of places to try when I go to NYC.

  21. I’ve just started reading your NYC posts in preparation for my NYC trip next month. Shake Shake has been on my hit list for ages, but it’s good to see a post telling it’s going to be as GREAT as I’d hoped for. Not heard of the concrete shake before…I’ll give it a try. You only live once, right?

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