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I know I haven’t blogged for a week… and I know that’s like a millenia for me, but y’all gotta understand, I’ve been busy. I figured I’d better post something though because I received an email from a reader yesterday saying that the last time I gave you guys one week’s silence, I was in hospital having major surgery.

So for the one (or more) person/s who care, I’m ok… just a little tardy 🙂

Aside from being crazy busy with work right now I’ve also been utterly distracted this week because on Wednesday 13 April 2011, little Jasmine Wen Xin Lee arrived in this world, blessing my life in a more magical way than she can possibly imagine. I became an aunty for the first time and even though she’s on the other side of the world, god, I’m in love. This is little Jasmine with her dad, my brother Jason:

HOW AWESOME IS SHE?! I know she’s not my child, but somehow she’s suddenly the most precious thing in my life right now and I literally spend every free minute staring at her photos. Literally. I can’t wait to cuddle her for real. But before we go on, two things I need to make clear:

1. Yes this is still a food blog, not a baby blog.

2. No you cannot eat Jasmine.

Anyway, three days before this tiny little person changed my life, I was at Bill’s in Covent Garden brunching away. Unfortunately Bill’s here in the UK is not affiliated with Bill Granger’s chain of café’s in Sydney, so no famous ricotta hotcakes and sweet corn pancakes, but that’s not to say the Bill’s here isn’t good either. Because it is.

Bill’s vegetarian breakfast (poached eggs, tomatoes, hummus, mushrooms,
guacamole and sweet chilli sauce all served on toast)

eggs royale (with thick hollandaise sauce on the side)

grilled vine tomatoes with basil pesto, rocket & balsamic on toasted ciabatta

side of baked beans

The brunch dishes are delicious, surprisingly even the vegetarian option. Panu had that and I’m so down for it next time! Our friend David ordered the eggs royale (which was great, with thick gloopy hollandaise sauce – if that’s what you like) and I had the grilled vine tomatoes. Why just tomatoes? Well, because after tackling #MEATEASY the previous night and experiencing crazy stomach aches afterwards, I thought it was all I could deal with.

Who knew tomatoes could be so tasty? Generously seasoned and  garnished with balsamic, it’s probably the first all-tomato dish I’ve had 🙂


And yes we had dessert. What? It was after midday. Panu had the cheesecake, which was good. As for me… well, I ordered the lamington and when it came out pink, I knew it was all wrong. Lamingtons are meant to be coated in chocolate and it’s one of those things which you just shouldn’t mess with. They messed with it. I failed it.

Aside from that, I still adore Bill’s and I’d totally go back. They’re also a shop, by the way, selling all kinds of fabulous pantry-fillers.

Ok, going back to stare at Jasmine now. Ciao!

Bill’s Café, Restaurant & Store
St Martin’s Courtyard
London, WC2E 9AB
0207 240 8183

Bills Restaurant Cafe & Store on Urbanspoon

25 Thoughts on “brunch at Bill’s and hello, guess who’s an AUNT?!

  1. Aww…congrats on being an aunt! Hope you’re recovering well and Bill’s looks like an awesome place for brunch..I definitely have to go and try it.

  2. ohhh yum egg porn shot!

  3. Yinnie on April 18, 2011 at 2:14 am said:

    Congrats on being an aunt.

    Wow that hollandaise sauce looks REAAALLY heavy. D: I love eggs benedict. but alas i’m on a diet.

  4. Congratulations dear!! I’m sorry I haven’t congratulated you earlier, but big hugs for becoming an aunt, that’s so awesome!!

    I think the Lamington looks cute 😉

  5. A big congrats on becoming an aunt! She’s a sweetie pie! When my sis heard I was in labour, she hecked work and left office for the hospital! Now she spoils Bubbles rotten. I bet you’ll be spoiling Jasmine too – perhaps with food-related stuff when she’s older!!

  6. Phew! I was about to the search parties out – congrats on becoming Auntie Catty! Been past Bill’s a couple of times and may have to pop in after reading your review. Although I’m not sure about going for the full tomato.

  7. Yay!!!! Congratulations Aunty Catty x Your bro and you look pretty alike ^_^

  8. jenny c. on April 18, 2011 at 8:41 am said:

    Oooooh she’s so cute, Catty! Congratulations! The breakfasts look really great too, I’ve heard of Bill Granger and his food, pity this is not one of his restaurants.

  9. Kay: Thanks! Yeah it’s great and they have outdoor seating for when summer really hits!

    chocolatesuze: we do like us some egg porn over here 🙂

    Yinnie: yeah it was super gloopy thick! But delicious. Damn the diet!

    Maria: haha yeah it is pretty cute but it’s meant to be brown!!!

    Corsage: oh I would love for her to be a little foodie. That would be TOO much fun!

    Mr Noodles: hold off the search party! I AM HERE 😀 I was a bit meh about it too til I went, it was actually very yummy. Lunch food looks good too.

    Sasa: Um… thank you? Maybe?

    jenny: I know… i LOVE Bill Granger’s ricotta hotcakes, if only there was a cafe here!

  10. Congratulations Auntie, she’s a cutie pie D:D And I had no idea that Bill Granger had opened up in London! 😮

  11. Congratulations! The vegetarian breakfast looks so yummy and the cheesecake is lovely!

  12. OMG!!! I love Bill’s. Their cheesecake is awesome and the brownie..mmmmm. Congrats on becoming an auntie!

  13. I do have Mr. Granger’s recipe for the hotcakes…

  14. Your wee little niece look so very cute. Positively edible… Sorry 😉

    Bill’s also looks pretty damn good, even the veggie option. Mind you, brunch is one meal where I can happily go veggie – it;s ALL. ABOUT. THE. EGGS. And the eggs look good, oozy, sticky, runny, gooey all in the right proportions. And if that sounds almost obscene, that’s because a good egg is obscene. In all the right ways obviously.

  15. Katarina: thank you and yes, those are both dishes my bf had, maybe I should have them next time!

    London Lady: Ooooh brownie? Should I add that to my list for next time?

    Linda: Ah yes, the famous hotcake. They’re the best.

    The Grubworm: LOL nothing wrong with some good egg p0rn!

  16. I think Eggs Benedict are ham, and Eggs Royale are with smoked salmon 😉 WOW that hollandaise looks thick.

  17. Congratulations! There’s nothing better than the vicarious joy of auntie hood- all the clucking and bragging and none of the real responsibility. Had often wondered about Bills- great to see what it’s like- ta!

  18. Congrats! oh, I have often walked past Bills but never been in… looks delightful though!

  19. aaaw congrats! Now you can spoil her rotten! hehe

    And yes, what’s up with the lamington?

  20. congratulations aunty catty! you know that Bill Granger is opening a restaurant in London? Rumoured to be west/ Notting Hill/ Marylebone way – I am super excited! PS Thanks for the Vegas food tips!

  21. Tori: I know haha I get to hand her back when she poops 😉 but right now I just want a cuddle!

    sams: it’s great – also has a nice outdoor area for summer 🙂

    Adrian: I don’t know! It’s the wrong COLOUR!

    Gourmet Chick: Ahhhh good to know! That’s also where he lives when he’s here..not that I am stalking him or anything 😉

  22. Mel C on April 24, 2011 at 9:02 am said:

    I know I’m so late with this but CONGRATS on being an Aunty!!! You see what I mean now – feeling such a deep love you thought you could never feel?!?! For a kid whos not even your own! I know, we’re awesome aunties 😉

  23. Hello! I thought this was a great review on Bill’s. If you fancy re-creating the same unusual breakfast at home, I’ve made my own version here on my blog

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