So this is how the story goes: I am always slow in following trends. It doesn’t matter if the trend is in fashion, food or the latest fandangle gadgets (note: I am yet to own my first iPhone, let alone an iPhone version 4 meaning it’s been around for at least 4 years, and the idea of owning an iPad – version 2! – is yet to even incubate in my little head, so you can bet that when the whole craze is over, I will be there buying my iFirst) I am just slow to catch on. Period.

Kind of like how I finally got around to having a Meatwagon burger about three decades after everyone else.

At least I did it! And I LOVED my Meatwagon burger. So much so that I declared myself a Wagon groupie and vowed to follow it all over London. But mere weeks later, the unimaginable happened. The Meatwagon Was Stolen. ‘Twas not a hoax, ’twas not a joke. Some certifiedΒ asshole actually decided that stealing a FOOD TRUCK would be fun, obviously ignorant of the fact that this truck helped make a living for someone’s family and more importantly, that awesome burgers came out of the truck.

Ok fine, the first point was more important.

But lucky for us, the disaster didn’t keep the Meatwagon team down for long. They hustled their way around London and in January this year, perched themselves above the Goldsmith Tavern in New Cross and opened up shop, this time branded the fabulous and limited #MEATEASY.

Um, #MEATEASY opened in January, people. What month are we in now?

God I am slow.

Granted I’d been out of the country for the better part of the last two months, I still consider myself behind this trend because (a) every person and his dog has been to #MEATEASY and (b) it’s closing up shop this weekend. So you know, I had to go.

And despite my current condition (as in, I can’t walk much I can’t eat much and boy did I suffer the consequences after this burger) we made our way down to New Cross on Saturday evening and joined the masses for what is still one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while.

Arriving just shy of 6pm (doors open 5.30pm, food starts at 6), we clutched our precious tickets (numbers 29 and 30) protectively, ordered some cocktails and played the waiting game.

To my very pleasant surprise, the kitchen turned orders super quickly (I guess this is no truck) and we had our order in by 6.30pm with food in our faces at 6.45. Not bad, not bad at all.

So, the food?

The cheeseburger is a little bundle of deliciousness. Somehow I enjoyed my original Meatwagon burger more, I think it was cheesier? Juicier? I’m not quite sure why, but as far as burgers in London goes, this is still pretty damn awesome. Β Of course, there ain’t no Shake Shack here.

Panu wanted to try the Philly cheese steak. It is completely nothing like a traditional Philly cheese steak hoagie (not enough cheese whiz, soggy bread and what are those? Capsicum?!) BUT! It was utterly tasty, tender and juicy and I dare say Panu enjoyed it more than his burger.

The onion rings are HEAVEN. That is all I have to say about that.

This monstrosity is a chilli dog. I didn’t order this, but some of the crazy people I went with decided it’d be a good idea to tackle this baby. And they did. It all looked a little sloppy but I think they quite enjoyed it.

Someone also ordered a mac ‘n cheese. It looks a little trendy with spring onions scattered across the top, no? But it was dirty delicious all the same.

So the sad news is that #MEATEASY will only be at the Goldsmith Tavern until this weekend, April 16. If you haven’t been, GO. They are open Tuesday through to Saturday but one word of advice, arrive before 6pm because… the queue. Oh my, the queue. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For updates on their whereabouts or maybe whispers of a new location, check out the Meatwagon website.

Above the Goldsmith Tavern
316 New Cross Road
New Cross, SE14 6AF
0774 Β 775 1201

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22 Thoughts on “Yes, I finally made it down to #MEATEASY

  1. Oooh I am jealous catty – looks like you timed your run perfectly and managed to miss the queue almost totally.

  2. I’m very much the same…whilst all my friends and coworkers have an iPhone..I still refuse to give in. I do like gadgets but for some reason, I’m just not into Apple products.

    Oh..that mac n cheese…give me some!!!! LOL And the onion rings look massive

  3. I understand you so much! It’s 2 months i’m trying to go there and still nothing.
    So tonight I was finally ready and I just discovered that is close on monday and it will run just until the 16 of April Argh! I need to go this week!

    However great pictures! so starving now!

  4. Wow sounds like you were really lucky with the waiting time – my friend went a couple of weeks ago and had to wait an hour and a half for food.

    I am so gutted I won’t be back in London in time to catch #meateasy! I’ve been dreaming of those cheeseburgers and onion rings – guess I’ll have to settle for stalking the Meatwagon once it’s finally on the road.

  5. Gourmet Chick: Yeah, we got there early in order to miss the queue. Even at 29 and 30, we had to wait just a little while and it’s pure torture with people around you enjoying their burgers!

    Adrian: Well, it’s not that I don’t *want* an iPhone or iPad.. I DO. but I’m always just slow in getting new stuff hahaha. The onion rings were HUGE and so delicious!

    linguina: Oh no!!! Yeah don’t go tonight but try and get there this week. But remember, go early!

    Amy: Yeah I think if you are within say the first 50 customers you’re fine because after that they stop letting people in and so you have to wait til people are done eating and leave, which could be a while! And yes, I’ll stalk them right along with you when they’re back on the road πŸ™‚

  6. I have been thinking about burgers ever since I read this post a few hours ago.

    I wish I didn’t live in the ‘Shire otherwise I’d be straight down there. Hopefully the van will be back soon!

  7. Man, I want that Chilli Dog!!

    Hope your tummy has recovered from the burger onslaught!

    I’m slow in getting new gadgets too and even slower in getting used to them. Wahaha. Like when I got my iPhone 3GS I took a few weeks to realise that the USB thingy was attached to the plug =P

  8. I haven’t been to #meateasy yet and I don’t even have the excuse of having been out of the country for 2 months!
    I hope they extend πŸ™‚

  9. Foodie galore, those pictures makes me droll.Oppps time to eat early dinner.Yum,yum!

  10. Sitting here eating homemade ice cream that even Lebovitz would be jealous of,strangely enough, I would rather be eating the food you show here. All of it. The cheeseburger looks to die for! Oh man, I could get fat hanging around with you.

  11. Deepa: oh no! Do you have good burgers over where you live? I also hope it comes back soon. I think they will… they can’t possibly leave the masses so unhappy!

    Corsage: Haha at least you HAVE an iphone! Yeah my tummy was just sore all Sat night but better now πŸ™‚

    Ute: Oh no, go this week??

    Candy: Hehehe, hope your dinner was yum!

    Linda: Yum, what flavour ice cream did you make? And yes that cheeseburger is one of the best I’ve had *yum*

  12. Heh, I was even slower off the mark than you and didn’t even try a burger before the ‘wagon got robbed. But I did get to meateasy in march. And boy was it good. Very good. Like you say, it’s not the best I’ve eaten in the world, nowhere does good patties like the good ol’ US of A. But it the Dead Hippy was the best I’ve eaten in London, maybe even the UK. The burgers were pretty good too πŸ˜‰

    And the unsung heroes at #meateasy have to be the cocktails, I had a bourbon and rye fuelled ball when I went. Time just kinda slipped on by, like those burgers slipped on down. So very easily. I’d definitely go again, and next time wouldn’t bother with the sides but get double the burgers (and deceased hippies) instead.

  13. Ooh that looks amazing! And who steals a food truck? What’s the point? I mean then you miss out on all of that goodness!

  14. The Grubworm: oh but did you try the onion rings?! they are AMAZEBALLS. big and juicy and filled with real giant onion! the mac ‘n cheese was good too! but avoid the slaw, not so great πŸ™‚

    Lorraine: I know!!!! πŸ™ poor food truck. They’ve been collecting funds for a new truck though so hopefully that will start up again soon πŸ™‚

  15. Your blog was tweeted by a friend last night. Figured I’d check it out. Best decision ever.

  16. oh my goodness: that chilli dog! I really can’t imagine consuming anything else other than the burger and chips…& the cocktails of course!
    Fab post/photos!
    Lovely to see you there too x

  17. I didn’t get a chance to do Meatwagon, and have yet to try Meateasy… so rest assured there’s someone MUCH slower than you. πŸ˜› I’m such an aunty sometimes.

    I want those onion rings! They look so, so good. *nom*

  18. I was googling about matcha powder and Hoo Hing and came across your blog.
    I love it! Looking forward to trying out the various haunts featured in your blog πŸ˜€

  19. Katerine: Thank you πŸ˜€

    Jing: Nice to kind of see you there too! Will have to see you properly next time!

    Su-yin: AH, I knew there was a reason we were friends. So I wouldn’t be the last heh. But don’t worry at least you’ve had a shake shack which is still THE BEST EVER.

    sams: Hi! Welcome!! Thanks so much πŸ˜€ and yay for matcha hehehe..

  20. omg you’re killing me. Why am I on this side of the earth with no access to anything short of being called TheMeatWagon? Those photos are to die for. It’s exactly what I want to eat RIGHTNOW and I’m gutted that I cannot. I am in London in Feb 2012 (freakily, I do already have my tickets) and I’m making the beeline for this. They’d better be open!

    • And as soon as they open at a new venue, I promise I will let you know so you know where to make your burger pitstop in Feb 2012 πŸ˜€

  21. Thats so mean!!! Showing that food when it’s on the other side of the world!!! πŸ˜‰

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