I’ve actually been meaning to post about Petaling St Hawker for a long time. Well, “long” is relative considering they’ve only been open about five weeks. But I’m so excited about this place that I wanted to share it will y’all – just as soon as I had a bigger collection of dishes to talk about.

But that was never going to happen. Because I only ever eat three dishes at hawker places.

Although there’s been a recent boost of interest in Malaysian food, I still think it’s hard to find a really good Malaysian place. Sure, Mamak does a great roti, but they don’t serve the whole spectrum of classic Malaysian dishes like chicken rice, char kuay teow, har mee and the holy grail of Malaysian noodle soups, assam laksa. And believe me, I look hard for these.

So imagine my utter glee when Petaling St Hawker finally opens a branch in Sydney (they have multiple branches in Melbourne) and I can now not only get my favourite Malaysian dishes on tap, they’re good. And cheap! (We do like a bit of cheap).

I’ve been a few times now and honestly, I had all the intention of trying more dishes so I can show you but alas, I’ve only had my three staples:

The assam laksa –

 Har mee (although my friend went on one occasion and said the soup wasn’t strong enough) – 

Char kuay teow –

and Panu tried one of their specials, short rice noodles in clay pot – 

God, it is just like being at home! Big love!

Petaling St Hawker
760 George St
Haymarket, NSW 2000
(02) 9281 6508

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18 Thoughts on “Petaling St Hawker: my home away from home

  1. Loving the growing options for Malaysian food in Sydney. I hope that places like this are just the tip of the iceberg. Would love for more and varied options 🙂

  2. Yay…I love Malaysian food but I want to know what is Assam Laksa…how is it different to the “other” Laksa???

  3. Everyone raves on about Assam Laksa and I have no idea what it is either.. Would definitely love to try it out soon.

  4. I tried CKT for the first time today and it was soooo delicious! Love how you can taste the ‘wok hei’ in the dish

  5. Simon: Yes me too! I am yet to try Nyonya.. can’t wait 🙂

    Miss Piggy/Phuoc: Assam laksa is totally NOT like the other laksa at all. It’s not coconut/curry based.. the soup is more clear and is made with assam (tamarind) and fish! You guys have to try it.. it’s got quite a unique taste you’ll either love it or hate it 🙂

    Vivian: Ahhh yes the wok hei! Which is why it’s quite hard to replicate at home! Glad you liked it!

  6. I really need to try out this assam laksa. I have to see how it compares lol 😉

    But you’re right, Malaysian food is semi-decent in Sydney but there sure as hell isn’t enough places that serves a great assam laksa, CKT and har mee. And wtf, where are all my lor mees, pan mees, KL hokkien mees, mee rebus and kon loh mees?!! It’s just nicer when I don’t have to cook my own -__-

    (end rant)

  7. Haha long is very relative-on the internet it’s like dog years! This looks really interesting! 🙂

  8. It’s all relative. From what I can see on your blog and others, the Malaysian (and Chinese/Thai/Viet) scene in Sydney is heaps better than London’s.

    PS: Just realised I used ‘heaps’! Do this mean I want to be Aussie?

  9. Oohh…I’m loving this……they need to open in London!! Lucky you!

  10. YAY 🙂 you guys finally have Petaling St in Sydney! I was waiting for the to open a store hehe 🙂

    Mr Bao and I go there all the time, because it’s close to home and like what you said CHEAP hahahah I love their CURRY LAKSA ~~

  11. Man I miss assam laksa. There is NOWHERE in London that serves anything close to decent. Which is why I always overindulge on it (amongst other things, naturally).

  12. I meant when I am home! 😛

  13. Good to hear they are in Melbourne – I am going to have to go and check them out…

  14. Oh my god this looks yum! Why don’t we have a place like this in London?

  15. Karen: Haha I’m pretty sure yours is still the best! (although, I need to try it hey hehehe). I KNOW I miss my mee rebus, mee siam and all those really hardcore hawker dishes too!!

    Lorraine: it is! You should try it – if you need a dining buddy, I’m always up for Petaling St!

    Mr Noodles: Yes! you SO want to be Aussie, when are you coming to Sydney?!

    Kay: Yes they do! I never found a good assam laksa in London. Surprisingly one of the best har mee I had in London is at Hare & Tortoise in Bloomsbury!

    Daisy: Yeah it’s such an easy and cheap way to get a Malaysian fix 😀

    Su-yin: I know right? C&R does a version but it’s just not good… didn’t find it anywhere else! You should make it!

    Gourmet Chick: Yes they are all over Melbourne apparently, definitely check it out!

    jenny: I know… You’ll have to come visit Oz 😉

  16. Thanks for the explanation on Assam laksa. Next time we’re at Malaysian, I’ll def grab it 🙂

  17. Mark (and Chi) on February 6, 2012 at 11:06 pm said:

    Had to go and get some char kuay teow the day after I read this and loved it… Reminds me of Singapore (and was nice and hot too)… Thanks Cat…

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