It has been 22 months since I had a decent holiday. I know I seem to travel a lot, but unless by “travel” you mean “three-day-no-rest-city-break” then ok, I travel a lot. But believe me when I say those city breaks? You definitely need a holiday to recover from them. The last time I took more than three days off in a row was February 2011 – a trip which started off great but ended with major surgery, so you know, not great.

But hey, it’s now only seven sleeps until we hit up London and New York, followed by a week of cutting the snow in Whistler! I am beyond excited.

We lived in London for four years, so pretty familiar with the place, and New York we’ve been to three times and I have my own little NYC favourites list that I’ll get to. But all the same, if you have any unmissable places you think we need to check out, let me know! We definitely need recs for Whistler.


2 Thoughts on “London. New York. Whistler. Bring it.

  1. Have a great trip – sounds like fun. I’d love to hear of your top London eats…we’re heading there next year.

  2. I know what u mean Catty a couple of days here and there isn’t enough!

    I am so excited for you!!! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read all about it and the food porn pics!

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