It’s no secret that I love a good burger. My love stretches far and wide, and hell I’m even obsessed about meatballs, and really, a patty is just a big flat meatball, no?

The answer is yes. End of.

Anyway, my number one burger joint in London thus far is Byron Burger, but everyone’s been going on about the “Hawksmoor burger” and the “Goodman burger” and which one’s better manana. Having always come from the school of I-want-to-find-out-for-myself, last week I hit up Goodman Restaurant and ho’d into the “Goodman burger”.

I’d been to Goodman in their pre-burger days, so I already know the meat’s good. But how will their burgers fare?

Well, you know what, Goodman puts up a damn good fight against Byron, and I’m scared to call the odds but that brioche bun, a classic towering fluffy brioche bun, almost pushes it over the edge, straight into the winner’s circle. Almost.

Goodman’s patty is also bigger, fatter and juicier and cooked a deliciously perfect medium-rare, better than Byron’s 6 oz patty. But Byron has that pickle, which I adore and Goodman, well… teeny tiny pickles  and sometimes, boys and girls, size does matter.

Aside from the pickle, Byron’s burgers are also circa £7 which even with chips is a few pounds less than Goodman’s £12 (with chips).


Maybe I ought to love them all equally. Like my little burger babies. Yep.

Anyway, my whole deal at Goodman that night was to give my undivided attention to the burger. But you know what, undivided schmundivided. I had to have a starter!

We had a good spreads of starters across the table from foie gras (rich and smooth and never enough toast) to risotto (bland and apparently being taken off the menu) to sweet herring (in a jar! so awesome!).

I had the tiger prawn tempura with avocado, mango and cajun mayo, a delightfully fresh and crisp (not oily in the slightest) seafood starter to line my tummy ready for the burger onslaught.

Starter and burger safely deposited in my stomach, I happily browsed the dessert menu and picked what I wanted: frozen caramel parfait with Maldon sea salt and milk chocolate.

I don’t even know how to say this but yum. The whole salted caramel thing is growing on me like a pesky weed except it’s not pesky. Nor a weed. I blame Pierre Hermé and his salted caramel macaroon sensation. *love*

The rest of the guys also ordered a New York baked cheesecake, which I think was ok, but I was a little distracted with the salted caramel so I think I had a taste and then totally forgot what it actually tasted like.

Well, burgers burgers burgers. How about this: If you’re just after a simple burger, nothing fancy and possibly not even chips, then definitely go to Byron.

But should you be after a schmancier meal, like you kinda wanna impress someone with a swish dinner but y’know showing you’re all down to earth and stuff and you eat burgers, Goodman is probably the way to go.

But I do hate to choose 🙁 I mean, they are my burger babies now and I love them equally! Honest!

ps. Awesome dining companions that night in the form of Aaron, Luiz, Sung, Uyen and Kavey.

Goodman Restaurant
26 Maddox Street
London, W1S 1QH
0207 499 3776

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16 Thoughts on “my burger babies: the Goodman burger and how it holds up against Byron

  1. I need to try the byron AND the goodman burger. u have convinced me to stretch my burger tastebuds beyond The Breakfast Club and The Diner when it comes to burgers! YUM

  2. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Hawksmoor burger. While Byron is great, Hawksmoor ran circles around their burgers. Yes, that good.

    If you like pickled herring, go to Scandi Kitchen on Great Titchfield Street and check out the Swedish pickled herring (in cute jars) on offer. Mustard, garlic, tomato, onion, classic… We like pickling fish, we Swedes do.

  3. Love to share Goodman goodness with you, Catty! Lovely write up!

  4. diva: you haven’t tried either?! Girlfriend. Do it. Both!

    Manne: ah yes, that I still have to try but £15?! That’s one expensive burger! Have you tried Goodman? Oh and thanks for the tip on herring – my bf loves them too and we’re at Scandi Kitchen quite a lot 🙂

    Kavey: T’was lovely to dine with you 😉

  5. Rollicking good read, what! Now I fancy a burger but Vorarlberg is a burger free zone. Meh.

  6. Picking a favourite here is like picking bridemaids from your besties. No way. But I do love the Goodman burger and the whole Goodman scene. Great place.

  7. Sasa: That is OUTRAGEOUS. That a town is a burger-free zone?? I say you open your own burger joint and make a killing!! 🙂

    Greedy Diva: No kidding, it’s tough! I think Goodman is more a “restaurant” though and Byron is easy and casual.

  8. Great blog about a really fun night. I feel like a blushing newcomer to the burger scene and so going to have to haul my ass down to the new Byron in Islington when it opens, and then Hawksmoor, just so I have something to talk to other foodies about when the conversation, as it so often does, turn to meat patties.

    American vs English and Is A Burger Really A Meatball Or Not? Wagyu vs USDA vs Scotch vs Long Horn vs Kobe etc etc. Goodman has certainly given a good start for me, now forge on into the burgery sunset…

    • You don’t need to rush, a good burger will always be there! Although, yes rush to Byron because you don’t wanna be missing out for too long hehehe… and yes, a burger is a big flat meatball! 😀

  9. Spent nearly £12 on a burger for Sunday lunch at the pub, which just goes to show how good value the Goodman burger is.

  10. Oh WHY did I read this article now, just as I am launching on another diet? The pics are amazing – actual. Drool.

  11. Like many a pub effort, the burger and chips were good but the floury bap was bad. The high prices were largely due to the pub being in Wimbledon Village where you pay a ‘real estate premium’. I’ll get round to posting about it properly but I am backing up quite a bit with reviews!

  12. AnyaD: why are you going on a diet you silly woman? Go eat a burger. 😉

    Mr Noodles: I do love the Goodman brioche bun. Better than the Byron floury bun.

  13. I know its £12 but given its location (Mayfair and a perfect cubby hole from shopping) it still seems like a damn good bargain to me.

    Also – quite awesome Americana-esque levels of service which can be refreshing in London.


    • That’s a really good point Tom, it is a Mayfair restaurant afterall so £12 is actually great value. and I mean, they give you those big ass steak knives which I love 😀

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