When asking about where to get good steak in London, one is often provided with the same ol’ ~ The Hawksmoor, Goodman, Le Relais de Venise, Santa Maria del Sur, Bountiful Cow and errr… Gaucho… and maybe one or two more.

Some of these are good, some not so good and mostly very meh, but no one in all of the genius of the twitterati or the food bloggersphere had ever ever suggested Sophie’s Steakhouse to me before. I mean, I had to be brought there by a civilian.

Hehe, I love the term civilian. Makes me feel like a secret service food blogger spy 🙂

Located in Covent Garden (across the road from Byron Burger), I never really noticed Sophie’s Steakhouse until I actually walked into the establishment and it is so fricking huge I wonder how I never noticed it was there. But now I know and life is better.

It was first brought to my attention a few weeks ago when some friends were having dinner there. I already had dinner plans so had agreed to drop by afterwards for second dessert (or as it turned out, third dessert because I already had two at the first dinner and my ass just expanded a tiny bit more because I typed that out loud).

I didn’t have any steak but boy did I marvel at the copious and beautiful amounts of red meat being passed around me and as I drooled into my sad little eton mess, I made a vow to return and so I did.

Last Friday evening, Panu and I met up at Sophie’s Steakhouse to eat some meat in celebration of the weekend (why not, right?). Although I was salivating to get into the steak, we first shared an utterly delicious starter of field mushroom with rocket & goat’s cheese on toasted brioche.

This was one of those things you don’t actually really want to share. But anyway.

Quickly gobbling up the starter, we waited patiently for the main event, a 20oz piece of the most beautiful Châteaubriand I’d ever laid eyes on and dare I say, the best steak to have touched these lips since I’ve been in London.

Juicy, tender, a slight smokeyness and consistently cooked to a perfect medium rare, the Châteaubriand blew my crazy little mind and although the 20oz piece of meat is to be shared between two, this is another one of those things you just don’t want to share, and seriously, divide the bounty before you start eating because otherwise I guarantee there will be a battle for the last piece.

The Châteaubriand is usually served with a choice of potato or chips or mash and I’m not sure if this is standard fare or if our waiter thought I was cute or something but he totally said ok when I asked if we could have salads instead 😉

The house salad with blue cheese sauce was delicious, but I’d say anything with blue cheese sauce is delicious so I’m a little biased. And the courgette fritters were also brilliant, and that’s not being biased.

Anyway, I loved this steak. Like, seriously LOVED it. And I’m totally willing to give you my first born if you can guarantee me access to this steak for the rest of my life. Serious.

Of course, having said all of this, the best steak I’ve ever had in my whole ridiculous life is still at The House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. If you’re ever up in that neck of the woods, you have to go. It will complete you.

Sophie’s Steakhouse
29-31 Wellington Street
Covent Garden, WC2E 7DB
0207 836 8836

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14 Thoughts on “Sophie’s Steakhouse: maybe the best steak to have touched these lips (ok, it’s the second best)

  1. I also love the term civilian, although I’m not sure all civilians do! And as you’ve proved, you should never write off their tips.

  2. I bow down to anyone who can look as hot as you on not one, not two but THREE desserts! RESPECT!
    PS I want to go to Sophie’s! Great post!

  3. Ooo a daring declaration of intent here.

  4. Great looking steak and look at those fritters…! Pity that I am so far away!

  5. I’m on a deep-frying mission at the moment. Those zucchini things might be next (in the last week: beignets, ricotta doughnuts and deep-fried zucchini flowers). While I was camping. Steak looks good too, bloody as hell FTW!

  6. Mr Noodles: Definitely never writing off civilian tips. I’d never heard any food blogger talk about Sophie’s before!

    Kavey: LOL thank you *blush* You should definitely go to Sophie’s! Bring Pete and have the chateaubriand!

    Wild Boar: Intent of….? Giving away my first born?! Hehe..

    Cooking Gallery: Shame!! I’m sure you can find awesome steak wherever you are though!

    Sasa: Go deep fry me a mars bar, love! 😉

  7. OMG! That steak looks *so* melt in your mouth delicious! Guess what I’m gonna have for dinner tomorrow?!

  8. I love sophie’s too, next time save room for the cheescake, it’s pretty darn good!

  9. Hmm I thought Sophie’s was a total Covent Garden tourist trap and the steak not great when I visited but that was over a year ago so maybe things have changed.

  10. Amy: Did you have steak for dinner? 😉

    chiara: Oh I’ve SEEN the cheesecake, it looks pretty phenomenal too!!

    Gourmet Chick: LOTS of tourists seem to go there (pre-theatre and what not) but I guess that doesn’t automatically mean the food isn’t good. I really enjoyed it!

  11. As someone at this very moment in the throes of meat sweats from yesterdays filet, this should not make me drool but… Chateaubriand dude, no justification necessary. Also, fried vegetables and extra fat (blue cheese) – where do I sign? (and can they do me a pot of jerk mayo on the side please).

  12. Does anyone know if the Chelsea branch is as good as the one in Covent Garden?

    Geographically it’s easier for me to get to the Chelsea one.

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